Printing Your Book

Steelhead Can Help You With:

  • Finding the Right Book Materials and Specifications:
    • Paper, binding, lamination, and cover special effect samples
    • Layout templates
    • Tint tests
    • Blank dummy books so you can see what your book will look like before it’s printed
    • Anything else that you may need to make sure you are happy with how your product will look and feel before it is ever manufactured
  • Getting Competitive Bids for your title from printers in North America, Mexico, or Southeast Asia based on your project’s specifications and your delivery timeline.
  • Creating a Schedule from files ready for prepress to finished books delivered.
  • Negotiating with Printers on pricing, payment terms, and payment schedule, and placing your title with the best-fitting manufacturer.
  • Prepress Assessment: Ascertaining what level of prepress/proofing your project requires, and navigating that process and the associated pricing and vendors who can supply assistance.
  • Prepress Management: Shepherding your project through any necessary prepress to print and bind approval, and acting as your advocate each step of the way.
  • Shipping: Creating shipping instructions (either for a domestic or overseas printer) to include sample distribution, carton marking, appropriate pallet size and packing, shipping documentation, and working with a freight company to get your product to your delivery destination.

Do You Need Editorial and Design Help Before You Print Your Book?
Please note that Steelhead has connections to excellent project managers, designers, layout specialists, copy editors, and proofreaders, so if your book is not quite ready for press and you need some professional help to get it there, we can recommend contacts.