The Steelhead Approach

(Definitely NOT your average “Print Broker”)

At Steelhead, our job is to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to get you a beautiful finished product. We take a thorough approach in quoting your project and showing all potential costs to get you a great printed book at a price that works for your budget. Our main goal: avoid any surprises! No one likes those, especially on the expenditure side. We also want you to know the exact manufacturer who will be doing the work as well, so that you can start to have a relationship with the folks on the front line. You will see the quotes from the best potential printers based on your project’s specifications and timeline, and if the work proceeds, you will pay the selected printer directly.

Steelhead is compensated by you with an agreed fixed fee based on how much help that you will need for a particular project. In exchange, Steelhead will expertly guide your title through the production process and smooth out the bumps in the road along the way. We also like to make sure that you have a good time working with Steelhead on your title, because taking a project that you have worked on so passionately and finally transforming it into a real book SHOULD be super fun!