Production Management
for the Micro-Publisher

(Your Instant Production Department)

If you manage a small publishing house, you may not be in a position to add a full-time production staff member to your team. If this is the case–but you know that you could use the help of someone knowledgeable to manage your production, print buying, and delivery supply chain–then perhaps a contracting agreement with Steelhead would be a fit. The goal of Steelhead in production management is to offset your investment in us by finding efficiencies in prepress, printing, and shipping costs that reduce your overall spend. We can remove the constant production-related distractions from your plate so that you can focus on growing your business.

What Steelhead Can Do for You:

  • Handle Schedules: Liaise with you to build, update, and actively manage schedules on all titles from files out to books in warehouse to release on time; and communicate with you and your Distribution Center representatives about any changes to schedule.
  • Collaborate on Book Project Specifications: Work with your design team on project specifications from origin of project through print-ready files; assist with specification modifications and help your team to create unique and engaging products with a mind to budgetary expectations on manufacturing cost.
  • Determine the Best Print Partners: Quote existing and new titles with appropriate printers and review your print cost goals. Explore new print partners with possible better fit to your products.
  • Optimize Print Pricing: Help you use your volume as leverage by placing your titles into negotiated print packages that delineate specifications, possible savings and extras, and scaled pricing tiers. Create and manage an incentive volume rebate program with print suppliers so you have the potential to reduce your overall spend if volume levels are reached or exceeded.
  • Coordinate Sales Materials: Order dummies and sales advances, and assist with BLADs, bound galleys, and catalogs.
  • Manage Prepress: Track required color proofing, and problem solve color and/or file issues with editorial/design and print supplier.
  • Direct Supply Chain: Set run quantities with printer on first runs and agreed reprints and secure order confirmation; work with distribution center on advanced shipping notification (ASN) of incoming stock and any required bindery dropships.
  • Supervise Shipping and Freight Forwarding: Organize shipping instructions to printer and freight forwarder (if an overseas run), and track freight into warehouse or dropship destinations. Review schedules and manage freight consignments into larger volumes (as schedules allow) to reduce per unit freight expenditure.